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Place: Lusaka, Zambia

Start: 18:02, 21 Sep 2018

End: 18:02, 22 Sep 2018


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In North America, nearly 200 female pastors and chaplains receive encouragement.

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They could lead to serious, long-term lung damage, specialist says.

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Thank you for your interest in viewing our district church profile. We are blessed with the following congregation, which we encourage you to visit at any time:

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1. Churches

Church Name Total Membership First Elder Name First Elder Contact Number Church Website
 Chanyanya Main    Bwale    
 Chikupi    Hingoma  +260977225414  
 Hillside    Makondo  -  
 Kafue East    Okelo  +260974782780  
 Kafue Estate    Chileya    
 Kafue Main    Mucheme  +260969320858  
 Kafue North    Lumpa  +260977465358  
 Kafue West        
Railside   Kaale +260977478145  
Shikoswe Main   Kaamba +260955915616  
Soloboni   Ndeya +260977978894  

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2. Compamies / small congregations

Comoany Name Membership Leader's Name Leader's Contact Number Company Website
 Chanyanya Harbour        
 Shikoswe East        
 Shikoswe South        

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3. Branches / very small congregations

Branch Name Membership Leader Name Leader's Contact Number Branch Website

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