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Place: Lusaka, Zambia

Start: 17:53, 20 Jul 2018

End: 17:53, 21 Jul 2018


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Adventist Review

Cliff's Edge-The Irrationality of Doubt

Historical evidence for the resurrection of Jesus is so compelling, so rational, that its rejecti...

Church in South America Gets 180,000 Young People Involved in Outreach

‘Caleb Mission’ projects take place in multiple communities across eight nations.

Adventist Church’s Partnerships Benefit Dozens of Families in El Salvador

Advent-Stiftung and national institute help people to become self-sufficient.


The Bible Says


The Key to Power

I’d been having trouble with my 13-year-old car. A sympathetic person loaned me his car while min...


Heavenly Moisture

Everyone warned us. The Philippines is hot. It is humid. Living in the Philippines is a lot diffe...


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